Top 10 Best Yoga Retreats

Take an extended break in yoga heaven

A yoga retreat implies a combination of the length of time yoga will be practiced and the location where the practice takes place. A retreat usually includes sleeping over, having meals, outdoor walks, meditation, breathing exercises, chanting, journaling and daily yoga study. It may last a weekend, a week, a month or more. You may decide to travel to another location, time zone or hemisphere.

I've gone on retreats in my city, a few hours from my home and at an ashram in India. I've tried weekend and week long stints. And once again, as seems to be the case with yoga, each experience offered me value and learning. Experiment and see for yourself.

Local yoga studios may offer a half day or one day yoga workshop (sometimes called retreats) in their space that focuses on a particular body part like the back or on an intention like cultivating loving kindness. This is an excellent way to check out what an extended period of yoga feels like. The fee depends on the duration of the workshop and the size of the group. The price range for a workshop is $25.00 to $75.00.

Making a longer commitment for a retreat that includes travel, should be thought through like any other trip or study you take. Ask other yoga students or your yoga teacher if they can recommend a retreat. Read reviews in yoga magazines about various retreats. Check your daily newspaper's travel or style section for ads or stories. Search the web. There are a growing number of yoga retreats available in a number of wonderful locations.

Prices will vary depending on style of accommodation requested and duration of the retreat. If you choose a spa type setting, prepare to pay more. An ashram is usually the most affordable choice. You may be asked to contribute your own labor in the upkeep of the facility or help with meal preparation and serving.

If you are a single female, and want to travel, a yoga retreat may offer you just enough community and structure to eliminate any worry. You may also opt to travel with your non-yogic partner, spouse and or children. There are retreats out there willing to accommodate you and your family.

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