Yoga Props

Yoga's complete bag of tricks

Yoga props are useful aids, designed to help you perform poses properly, safely and comfortably. They also help to make your stretches more convenient and relaxing. By choosing the right props, your body's limitations can be overcome.

Yoga Rings – also help build stronger muscles by adding resistance.

Yoga Mats - roll-up style yoga mats available in different sizes. They're popular for beginners and good for traveling and practicing postures. When purchased with a mat bag, they can be carried everywhere easily. Yoga mats normally have cushioning on one side that sticks to a hard floor. Some good quality mats provide a layer of texture or grip on the other side to prevent your hands and feet from slipping off. Regular sized yoga mats are about 1/8-inhces high x 24-inches wide x 68-inches long.

Cotton Yoga Rugs - can can be placed on top of your yoga mat to absorb sweat, supply extra height or to help keep a pose stable. The best are made from cotton, wool or acrylic and polyester. You will typically see avid yoga-ers using hand woven Mexican blankets because they're economical.

Yoga Sticky Mats - come in various sizes, colors and shapes. They stick to the floor with an adhesive underside so that your yoga mat doesn't slip or slide when you're performing difficult yoga poses. Yoga sticky mats keep your mat and you grounded and safe.

Natural Yoga Mats – made of 100-pecent natural cotton, hemp or dried grass to put you deeply in touch with Mother Nature. Almost all yogis would agree that they do their part to help the environment.

Yoga Mat Bags - - are either made out of cotton or nylon; while more luxurious versions can be made of leather and specialty materials. These allow you to conveniently tote your yoga mat and all your accessories easily to the studio and on the road.

Travel Yoga Mats – Roll up in a cinch and have handy carrying straps so you can put them over your shoulder like a bag or purse.

Alignment Mats – are a detailed map of directions on how to properly and safely perform your yoga poses - great for beginners.

Back Arches & Neck Pillows – provide the perfect back and neck support so you can curl comfortably into those difficult poses.

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