Yoga Gifts

Sacred gifts that any yogi would enjoy

There are a plethora of gifts that any yogi would love to give or would easily cherish.

Sculptures: Buddha sculptures of any size, made from various materials are always highly revered. Depending on your budget, consider a larger Buddha as a gift for the gardener in your life.

Ganesh: the dancing elephant images and sculptures are very appropriate and inspiring for any level of yogi. It is believed that Ganesh grants good luck and prosperity and his presence helps to overcome all obstacles.

Jewelry: There are many styles and designs of beautiful jewelry to choose from. But first, make sure the person you are buying for is into jewelry. People buy me lovely bracelets and yet I never wear them because bracelets bug me. That said, inscripted bangles and beaded prayer bracelets are meaningful, personal gifts. Pendants or pins with the Om symbol are simple and classic, no matter what they are made from. Ear rings that replicate the Goddess or the Dancer Pose are pretty cool too.

Tea: Who doesn't like tea? Yogi Teas come in a variety of flavors and make an inexpensive yet friendly gift. Sometimes available in a box set - be sure to look for Green Energy, Classic Yogi Tea, Calming Tea and Ginger Lemon Tea.

Incense: Incense is commonly used to set the mood for meditation, yoga and relaxation. Each incense stick usually burns for an hour and the fragrance will linger for days. Include an incense burner as part of your package. As a courtesy, check to be sure that the recipient is not sensitive to strong smells first.

Prayer Flags: Several strings of prayer flags look lovely strung around an entrance or garden and offer the added benefit of carrying good karma vibrations across the land.

The list goes on and on to include yoga posters, yoga music, yoga calendars and yoga books. With a little thought, you should have no problem finding a gift within your price range, which is suited to your intimacy level for any yogi in your life.

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