Eye Bags

Pillows for your peepers

Eye bags, also known as eye pillows or eye masks, are rectangle-shaped bags filled with natural flax seeds and dried organic lavender. These are put over your eyes for relaxation, as an antidepressant, mood tonic, sedative and detoxifier. Eye pillows measure 4-inches x 9-inches and cover the entire area around your eyes.

Eye bags are meant to completely block out light, as well as to apply gentle pressure to your temples. Using eye bags can help you to sooth your eyes and release tension in the surrounding eye and brow area. It can also relax the pupils and the muscles around the eyes area while you rest, engage in meditation, sleep, finish relaxation poses, or during Pranayama exercises (breathing exercises).

Similar to neck pillows, eye bags can be warmed up in the microwave or cooled down in the freezer. A heated eye bag offers comforting warmth, while a chilled one can provide relief from headaches. Most eye bags are wrapped with either 100-percent cotton or silk covers. These two materials are both derived from natural materials and are soft to touch. The silk fabric, in particular, makes your eyes feel a cooling sensation.

Removable eye bag covers are convenient to clean and they can even be chosen to matching your mood. Some eye bags come with zipper openings at one end to allow you to empty or refill the contents and adjust the weight easily. You can also add your favorite essential oil, leaves or seeds into the eye bag depending on your mood or ailment.

Eye bags are not only for eyes. They can be placed across your palms to relieve hand tension as well. Each eye bag cost about $16 online. Those filled with plastic beads cost no more than $10 online. An easy do-it-yourself eye bag can be made by filling the end of a clean sock with some flax from the grocery store. Make sure not to load too much, or it will press into the sides of your nose and cause difficult breathing.

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