Yoga Exercise Equipment

The props you need for private and individual yoga practice

Most yoga studios have all the communal yoga exercise equipment you will need, but I believe that owning a few yoga props is a good idea. I take classes, have private instruction and a home practice and I use the following items regularly.

My yoga mat travels with me to class then lives in my spare room, rolled out waiting for my yogic mood to strike.

My Stability Ball stays in my spare room. I lay on it a couple times a week for sweet relief from shoulder strain, thanks to too much time spent working on the computer.

My eye bag lives beside my bed, travels to my massages and can sometimes be found in my living room.

My zafus travels to retreats. Otherwise, it lives in my spare room for those late night, insomniac inspired meditations that I do. I have a yoga block that I don't seem to use. My futon couch/bed is a great inversion devise. Especially when I use my zafus under my hips, while resting my legs on the couch and my back on my yoga mat.

I did not go out in my first week of yoga and buy all these items. I have accumulated them as I have developed my practice. In fact, my eye bag and zafus were gifts made by yogi friends.

Even if you only do yoga in an equipped yoga studio, many people do prefer to use their own yoga mat so this may be the perfect item to start with.

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