Non-Slip Mitts

Who needs a yoga mat anyway?

Non-slip mitts are mini mats that fit onto your hands and feet to keep you from slipping during yoga practice. These sticky mini mats, also known as "yoga paws" are a convenient alternative to a full-sized yoga mat.

A yoga mat is something that every yogi has. However, carrying a yoga mat everywhere you go – especially when traveling – isn't convenient. Instead of having to tote around a yoga mat for your traveling workouts, you can simply slip a pair of yoga paws in your luggage. Because of their small size (they're as big as a pair of regular gloves); they easily slip into your pocket, purse or desk drawer. They are as effective and durable as a traditional yoga mat, and they can be used in almost any environment including indoors, outdoors and on almost any non-scratchy surface.

Yoga paws, or non-slip mitts, are made from a combination of nylon and polyvinyl, which is the same material used to make most non-skid yoga mats. The top of yoga mitts are made of breathable stretch polyester. They have pierced holes that are large and square in shape with safety belts that attach between the thumb and index finger on the hands, and between the big toe and little toes on the feet. The back of the hands or tops of the feet have a Velcro clasp so they fit securely, yet are easy to slip on and off.

Keeping your non-slip yoga mitts clean is very imperative and can affect their performance greatly. To clean your yoga paws and to prevent their stickiness from washing away, use a combination of tea tree oil and mild soap. After washing simply rinse them gently and hang them to air dry. You can also wipe them down with the same products you use to clean your yoga mat with.

The non-slip yoga mitts come in large (men's) and regular (women's) sizes. A pair for the hands and feet is an ideal gift for the aspiring yogi in your family. Non-slip mitts cost about $30 online, so compared to sticky yoga mats, yoga paws are quite expensive.

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