Yoga Clothes

Comfortable clothes to stretch in

Due to the increased popularity of yoga, fashion designers have taken up the task of designing clothing that is perfectly suited to the practice. That said, if you are a beginner, you do not need to immediately drop a wad of cash on yoga clothes. A clean, no logo t-shirt and a pair of easy fit sweat pants or shorts will suffice, until you get the hang of yoga.

Still, should you catch the yoga bug, you will come to appreciate appropriate designed yoga clothes, which do not put your private body parts on show for your classmates. There are men's yoga clothes and women's yoga clothes. You will discover that you do not want a zipper, buttons or clasps digging into your back as your teacher is reminding you to 'find the ground' with your spine.

And in the spirit of spirituality, you really don't want to wear clothing which advertises sex, drugs and rock and roll, or shouts for attention with it's graphic design, or anything which distracts your classmates due to it's revealing nature.

Finally, you don't want crack creeping pants, arm holes which restrict your Mountain Pose, shirts which fall over your face in Plow Pose, or fabric so unbreathable your body drowns in sweat during your Sun Salutation repetition.

You do want comfort.

And, your clothing should move with you, not against you.

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