Yoga Centers and Teacher Training

Take your yoga education to the next level

Yoga Centers are scattered around the world and are considered the schools of yogic learning. Small, medium and large in size, each center has it's own unique combination of offerings, settings and flavor. Programs are geared to different styles of yoga and varying levels of students seek a variety of outcomes.

Yoga Centers offer an environment for comprehensive yoga study, specific body related courses, teacher certification programs, on going teacher-training, meditation instruction, retreats of various lengths and a range of complimentary curriculum; for every level of student in the exploration of spiritual growth and well-being.

Annually, Yoga Journal and yoga magazines such as Yoga International publish a comprehensive guide to classes for certified and budding yoga teachers. Books like Yoga for Dummies, have less exhaustive lists of centers published in their indices. And of course, word of mouth is another excellent way of finding out the skinny on an ideal yoga center or yoga teacher training program for you. Ask other yoga instructors for their opinions.

If you do decide to go for your yoga teacher certification, you will be opening yourself to a lifetime of learning and a wonderful, portable vocation resulting in your own better health. And even if you simply want to deepen your own understanding of yoga, a yoga centre will offer the ultimate experience.

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