Envelope your senses in scent heaven

Smells have been proven to evoke strong emotional reactions in human beings. Incense sticks are ancient meditation tools that can activate the limbic system, prompting more profound emotional responses. For example, sweet fragrances have been shown to dramatically affect our temper and sense of well-being. Incense is used to improve your general mood and create a more relaxing atmosphere by releasing pleasant scents during meditation, yoga practice or to unwind after a long day.

Just as candles light up a gloomy room and create a positive visual impact for meditation; the aromatic effects of incense offer harmony to the senses and send active impulses to the brain. When burning incense during meditation, the aroma released helps condition the mind to associate this typical fragrance with affirmative and calming thoughts.

Certain incense stick scents also contain medicinal effects as well. For example, early Indian yogis used particular types of incense for treating health disorders in conjunction with herbal medicines. Burning incense spreads vapors with the movement of air, eventually covering the whole room and affecting all the people within.

Incense comes in hundreds of scents, the most common are lavender, jasmine, rose, lemongrass, cinnamon, sandalwood, green apple, strawberry and vanilla. Lavender and jasmine are recommended for being the best for claming the mind and relieving stress. However, each individual scent has an exclusive mind-set. Choosing the fragrance that has a pleasing and peaceful effect upon you will energize and brighten your life.

Incense come in three different forms - sticks, cones and coils - all of which require some type of incense holder to safely burn them in. Incense sticks normally come in 20-stick packages. Every pack costs less than $5 online.

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