Meditation Tools

Tools to free your mind and soul

Meditation is a way of life. It's distinctive to yoga practice and known as the constant observation of one's mind and soul. Meditation requires you to concentrate deeply on one point and clear your mind, so that you can perceive your own self-depth.

Through meditation, many yogis have claimed they've achieved a greater sense of inner peace, relaxation, purpose and strength of will. Meditation also leads you on a mission of discovering the wisdom and calming within yourself.

However, sitting motionless and thinking about absolutely nothing is one of the most difficult exercises the human mind can manage. There exists a variety of techniques to help you experience meditation. Aside from breathing, meditation tools are useful to lead you to a state of self-realization through sound - by listening to some favorite meditation CDs or by gently playing with a set of Tibetan Singing Bowls; smell – by lighting incense or rubbing essential oils into your pulse points; light – by lighting candles anointed with aromatherapy oils; visual symbols – by focusing on Buddha statues, or statues of Ganesh, Kali, Krishna or Lakshmi and other abstract images such as crystals and Neti Pots.

If you're a beginner to meditation, you may commonly experience difficulty when trying to keep your attention clear and focused on one object during meditation. To train yourself, you need to make sure you're sitting comfortably on the meditation cushion, and then try to narrow your field of concentration inward, leaving your earthly cares behind. Focus on one of the following meditation tools and let your imagination lead you to a clear wonderland of the soul.

Popular meditation tools include:



Neti Pots




Setting up a Spiritual Sanctuary

Aromatherapy Oils


Sacred Statues

Buddha Statues

Ganesh Statues

Hanuman Statues

Kali Statues

Krishna Statues

Lakshmi Statues

Saraswati Statues

Shiva and Nataraj Statues

Meditation Benches


Tibetan Singing Bowls

Healing Stones

Massage Rollers

Meditation CDs

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